Jan 142015

As a last resort to get to a ball and keep it in play, you can dive for it. Even if you are able to make a successful dive, you still have very low odds of winning the rally. However, successful dives will pressure your opponent into trying more difficult shots, leading to mistakes or skip shots.

Diving takes lots of practice and is very hard on your body, so if you intend to dive, get a pair of kneepads! In the following video, Ben Croft demonstrates the correct way to dive.

Dec 152014

The goal of the lob serve is to prevent your opponent from having an easy offensive shot. The lob serve allows the server time to relocate to center court. A good lob serve will pin your opponent in a back corner and force them to hit a ceiling ball or make a weak return.

In this video, Ben Croft explains the basics of hitting an effective lob serve. He suggests that by keeping a wide athletic stance with knees bent and a firm wrist, you will be able to maintain better control when hitting the lob serve. It is also helpful to have a short back-swing combined with a complete follow through.

Oct 292014

Kane has the best drive serve on the pro tour.

He is also known for his elaborate pre-serve routine in the front court and service box which he performs before every drive serve.

What is the purpose of this routine? Do athletes in other sports have pre-action routines?

Well, the answer is overwhelmingly yes! I can immediately think of pro golfers who go through a pre-shot routine. And pro basketball players also do a pre-shot routine before shooting a free throw.

So what are the benefits of a pre-serve routine?

A routine keeps your mind calm, occupied and focused. It is especially important to remain focused when you are under pressure. The pre-serve routine keeps your attention on the present moment. It gives you time to relax, breathe, and then get ready to commit 100% to your next serve.

Your repeatable routine can be as simple as bouncing the ball 4 times or taking a deep breath, but it should happen every time you step into the service box.

Oct 162014

Whenever you have a shot which you can hit at knee level or below, AND, you opponent is behind you, then you should hit a pinch shot. In this video, Ben Croft shows how he drills his pinch shots.