Jan 142011
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John Ellis explains the rules behind the service box lines and the 5 foot encroachment line.

  • A good serve must pass the service line.
  • The server cannot leave the service box until the serve passes the service line.
  • The serve returner cannot strike the served ball until it crosses the dashed 5-foot encroachment line.

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  5 Responses to “Racquetball Serving Rules and Encroachment Line Rules”

  1. Is the back line of the servicesb box in or out?

  2. Hitting the back service box line is out, not a good serve, a service fault.

  3. If a serve lands between the short line and encroachment line but bounces twice in between these lines, is it a good serve?

  4. Regarding the encroachment line, is it legal for the returner of serve to have his followthrough take the racquet across the line after hitting the ball? Or must the hit AND racquet stay behind the line?

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