Jan 182011
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Great racquetball players have great footwork. They know where the racquetball is going and seem to glide into it in one or two steps. And, most importantly, top players time their steps so they arrive at the ball at the perfect moment.

So, without proper racquetball footwork, you cannot get into the correct setup position to hit the ball. You can have perfect swing techniques but still find it difficult to hit the ball due to awkward foot movement. Because the ball is moving and changing direction, your footwork requires you to track and move on a parallel path with the ball.

Beginners tend to run directly at the ball and end up getting too close to the ball. But much like in squash play, you need to learn how to approach the ball in a curved or banana shaped pathway. And you must pivot into the correct position facing a side wall when striking the ball.

The most common foot and leg movements in the back court are the split-step and the shuffle-step. The split step gets your feet ready and on your toes to begin movement in any direction. Use the shuffle-step to move towards the back wall.

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