Jan 232011

The pinch shot is one of the most effective shots in racquetball. Along with the kill shot, the pinch shot is a rally ending shot. It is better than a kill shot because you do not need to hit the ball as low or as hard.

A very basic tactic to use during a game revolves around the pinch shot

  1. If you can hit the ball at knee level anywhere in the area around the 5 foot encroachment line
  2. And your opponent is behind you
  3. Hit a pinch shot.

If you can add the pinch shot to your game, then expect to start winning more rallies.

Jan 202011
Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.
Napoleon Bonaparte
French general & politician (1769 – 1821)

I cannot repeat myself enough about how important the serve is in racquetball. You get to decide the speed, angle, and direction of the serve to your opponent who is pretty much unprepared,  flat-footed, and positioned in the worst place on the court.

So why would you hit a lob serve instead of a blistering drive serve?

So you can watch your opponent skip the ball…and give you a free point.

This is certainly possible if you can master the high lob or the high z-lob serve— these high lob serves, when properly done, tempt your opponent to hit a low shot from 38 feet from the front wall.

The steeply dropping high lob will amplify any glitches or faults in your opponent’s swing. A mis-timed swing will result in them either hitting a skip shot or a too high off-the-back-wall setup shot.

The key is to hit your lob as high as possible on the front wall,  yet have the first bounce land about 2 feet in front of the five-foot line. Open up your racquet face, keep your wrist and arm locked together, and use your shoulder turn to guide the ball to your high front wall target.

So if you like to get free points from your opponents, practice your high lob serves.

Jan 192011

The location of your opponent determines the type of racquetball shot to play. If you are hitting a shot from behind your opponent, then you will try to hit ceiling balls and passing shots. If you are hitting in front of your opponent and can hit the ball at knee level or below, then you will want to hit a rally ending shot like a pinch shot.

No matter how much fun it is to hit a kill shot, it is a low percentage shot, so try to limit yourself to only hitting kill shots when you are the server and when you are in front of your opponent.

Jan 192011

In these videos, Shawn Royster talks about the purpose of down-the-line and cross-court passing shots.

Many players error by trying to hit passing shots too hard or too low (like a kill shot). It is much more important to hit a passing shot accurately. This will force your opponent out of center court position. To gain center court position, use a passing shot. Do not hit your passing shots so hard that they rebound off the back wall.