Jun 242011
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Arnold Palmer was able to generate tremendous club head speed by rapidly turning his hips on his downswing. He took full advantage of the natural speed multiplier inherent in every golfer and hit drives up to 346 yards with the old equipment.

Palmer rotated his hips a full 120 degrees prior to impact—a far cry from the puny 90 degrees golfers rotate their hips today. Rotating his hips so fast, through such a long range, produced effortless swing speed that earned him 92 victories, including four Masters.

The right arm action of a golf swing is practically identical to a racquetball swing.  So does this hip action apply to a racquetball swing?

In fact, this 120 degree hip action is the starting engine of your racquetball swing. If you want effortless speed in your swing, then first start your downswing with a step directly towards the front wall. Then, snap your hips like Arnie to achieve effortless power. The greater your range of hip turn, the more power you will be able to generate.

note – range is defined as how many degrees you can turn your hips and shoulders away from the ball.

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  1. This is a great post, I’ve been working on rotating through my swing, and this helps, thank you!

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