Dec 072012
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If you start making a habit of any of the following tips, your racquetball game is guaranteed to improve!

10. Warm-up for 10 minutes before every match by hitting the most common shots such as down-the-line passing shots and ceiling balls.

9. Hit down the line (DTL) passing shots as often as possible from center court position.

8. During your forehand stroke, your racquet position should move from ear to ear to ensure a complete follow-through (pretend you are throwing your racquet at the front wall).

7. Do not run directly at the ball. Keep to the side of the ball and at the distance of your swing circle.

6. Ensure you are using the proper forehand and backhand grips.

5. Establish and aim for a target on the front wall to increase consistency on every serve.

4. Play a ceiling ball if you are hitting a shot within 5 feet of the back wall.

3. Watch the ball at all times. This means watching your opponent hitting the ball.

2. Always move to center court position.

1. Get your racquet up and ready as early as possible (ERP)

The No. 1 most important racquetball tip is Early Racquet Preparation.  You need to get your racquet up to at least shoulder height as soon as you start moving for the ball.

These individual tips are more than just suggestions on how to play racquetball. Their effects are both cumulative and synergistic. For example, if you get in the habit of getting your racquet ready early, then it will be easier to hit those down the line shots or ceiling balls from the back court.

So incorporate these tips into your game and see immediate results.

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