Apr 052013
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Ben Croft provides a short lesson on how to take a shot off the back wall. He suggests using your racquet or hand to find the back wall, and then to move forwards, building up momentum before hitting the ball.

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  4 Responses to “How To Take an Offensive Racquetball Shot Off the Back Wall”

  1. Hello: I would like to know when you hit a side wall then the floor then the BACK wall during a rally can it hit the floor once more and then be hit to the front wall to be legal? OR..must I hit the ball BEFORE it hits the floor off the back wall? I’m NOT certain about the bounces…I believe the ball can hit as many walls as long as it doesn’t hit the floor twice in a rally. I sure would appreciate a clear answer…reading so many rules are only confusing me…a realize a ball Cannot hit the floor twice in a row…Thanks…
    Yours Audrey

    • The ball can only hit the floor once and then you must return it to the front wall. If the ball hits the floor twice, then you lose the rally. A good return can hit any wall first, as long as it still reaches the front wall. For example, you can hit the ball into the ceiling first and then the front wall.

  2. Can you return a shot by hitting the ball into the back wall and then it hitting the front wall? Thanks

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