May 192013
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Championship RacquetballIf you like to learn and to process information by reading, then Championship Racquetball by Fran Davis and Jason Mannino is the newest and smartest racquetball instruction book out there. As former top-level pros themselves, these two authors are able bring you the most current racquetball techniques and tactics.

The following excerpt is from an excellent discussion on how to generate forehand power:

More About Power

One of the most important areas where power is created is the lower body. The step, pivot, and hip rotation are the core of lower-body power creation and release. Before you step, your weight begins even at approximately 50/50, and then you transfer your weight an additional 5 to 10 percent, depending on your level of play, toward your front leg, using the groin, quadriceps, hamstrings, and calf to transfer weight both forward and backward simultaneously between both legs to create energy at point of contact. As this is happening, your hips twist and turn to add to this explosion of energy, creating maximum power. The higher the level of player, the more violent each energy transfer is.

Championship Racquetball is especially suited to advanced players who would like to learn more about high-level tactics from which to build a highly competitive over-all game.

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