Jun 192013
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The racquetball drop shot is very difficult to execute. A successful drop shot will be hit with enough momentum to barely reach the front wall. It should hit the front wall no higher than about 16″ and then quickly bounce twice. The drop shot is exactly like a golf putt which drops the ball into the cup on its last revolution.

The drop shot is hit with very short push with the racquet. There is no arm swing. The trick is to use a loose wrist to brake the ball’s impact on the racquet face. Blocking the ball will absorb its energy and speed.

In addition, hit the ball between waist and knee level. If a drop shot is hit above waist-high, it is not likely to die in the front court. In most cases, hit the drop shot down-the-line.

If you opponent has the center court position and is watching you hit the ball, then it is foolish to attempt to hit a drop shot. The ball is much too lively and will stay up long enough to be easily re-killed by an attentive opponent.

But there are three cases when the drop shot can be very effective:

  1. The No-Looking-Back Player – If you play against someone who focuses exclusively on the front wall, then it is likely that they will not see you hit a drop shot from the back court. And, when they do finally see the ball hit low on the front wall, it will be too late for them to retrieve it.
  2. The Fading Quarterback – Often after serving, some players rapidly drop back too far into the back court. So a good opportunity to hit a drop shot is when your opponent is backing up.
  3. The Blast Shot – If your opponent has hit you a blast shot, then you are racing to the very front of the court. If you can, get to the side of the ball, wait for the ball to drop below knee level, and hit a very soft drop shot down-the-line.

If you can think of other situations where it is advisable to hit a drop shot, then share it in the comments!

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