Aug 172013

The wide-angle passing shot is more effective than a standard cross-court passing shot. The wide-angle pass hits the front wall slightly higher and closer to the side wall. Then ball then travels deep to the side wall, hitting the side wall 1-2 feet above the floor and 4-5 feet behind the dotted 5-ft receiving line.  It then hits the floor and angles towards the center of the back wall. A well placed wide-angle passing shot may not rebound off the back wall and be an outright winner.

Your opponent will have a very hard time racing after this shot as it first caroms off the side wall at the farthest distance from them. Then the ball changes direction towards the back wall causing the chasing player to spin 180 degrees to play the ball off the back wall (if possible).

For instructions on hitting the wide-angle shot, review this video by John Ellis:

Next, watch the following video in which Ben Croft demonstrates some effective wide-angle practice drills: