Oct 172013
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The racquetball pinch shot is the most efficient way to end a rally. If you have a shot in the middle or front of the court and your opponent is behind you,  then hit the ball below knee level into one of the front corners.

A well hit pinch shot hits the side wall first, then will bounce twice on the floor before it reaches the opposite side wall. If there is one shot that really elevates your game to the next level, it is the pinch shot. So before every match, spend a few minutes warming-up with pinches.

To practice your pinches, stand several feet behind the 5 ft encroachment line and drop and hit to the right corner. Allow the ball to rebound back to you and then hit a pinch to the opposite corner pinch. Try to hit the ball low enough so it will bounce twice before reaching the opposite side wall.

You can continue hitting alternating forehand and backhand pinches for several minutes or until you reach 20 points (1 pt for good pinches, 0 pt for a high pinch, -1 pt for a skip). Do not skip the ball! You are not trying to kill the ball.

The following video with Ben Croft shows a very easy way to practice your pinch shots.

Follow this link more videos on how and when to hit the pinch shot.

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