Feb 262014
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It’s hard to beat a person who never gives up.
– Babe Ruth

Many racquetball games are won or lost by a slim margin of one or two points. So it is crucial to believe that you can retrieve every one of your opponent’s shots.

This means that you will never give up on a shot during a rally. Also, after every shot you take, you will try your best to get back to center court. Do not make an unforced error by giving up too early on a shot.

In addition, you must assume that your opponent is capable of returning every possible shot. Do not underestimate the speed of your opponent. Often a player will hit a ‘winner’ only to be caught flat-footed after their opponent returns their shot.

Perfection in racquetball is unattainable, for you, or for your opponent. So be ready to go after everything!

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  One Response to “Return Every Possible Racquetball Shot!”

  1. Right on. During my first year of playing I remember giving up way too early and then having a feeling that I probably would’ve gotten that ball and I didn’t hesitate. Luckily, I paid attention to this and decided to just go after every ball no matter what. Still get surprised by some of the balls I’m able to get and know full well that a split second of hesitation would’ve definitely eliminated any chances of that happening.

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