Mar 042016
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Cliff Swain discusses the various important features to consider when purchasing a new racquetball racquet which include

  • shape of the racquet
  • shape of the grip
  • type of grip
  • grip size
  • weight
  • balance
  • price
  • strings

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  3 Responses to “Cliff Swain Explains How to Choose a Racquetball Racquet”

  1. I really liked your explanation of the differences between the tear drop shape and the quadraform. While the teardrop does provide less drag, the quadraform often provides a greater surface area for players to contact the ball with. Does that mean most beginners should start with a quadraform racquetball racquet?

    • A beginner in racquetball will not be able to feel the difference in drag, but they may notice some differences in balance between the two styles while swinging.

  2. One of my favorite player Cliff Swain in fact the no 1. I always advice my student to follow his tips. I like the way he explain the tear drop shape, injury and the difference between the round handle & Rectangular or square shape handle. I think more beginners doesn’t give attention in those minor things while its really crucial to the game. Its obvious that every one should kept those things in mind, but is it possible for a beginner to keep all these things in mind and still play?

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