Mar 042016
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Cliff Swain discusses the various important features to consider when purchasing a new racquetball racquet which include

  • shape of the racquet
  • shape of the grip
  • type of grip
  • grip size
  • weight
  • balance
  • price
  • strings

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  2 Responses to “Cliff Swain Explains How to Choose a Racquetball Racquet”

  1. I really liked your explanation of the differences between the tear drop shape and the quadraform. While the teardrop does provide less drag, the quadraform often provides a greater surface area for players to contact the ball with. Does that mean most beginners should start with a quadraform racquetball racquet?

    • A beginner in racquetball will not be able to feel the difference in drag, but they may notice some differences in balance between the two styles while swinging.

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