Aug 312017
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Early Racquet Preparation Benefits

Racquet Ready for Forehand

Many players are too late in bringing up their racquet to a ready position when they are on top of the ball.

There are huge advantages that occur when we get our hitting arm and racquet ready to hit as early as possible.

Early racquet preparation (ERP) gives you time to bring your racquet far enough back to execute a full swing. Without ERP, you will be forced to just take a short “stab” at the ball.

If your racquet comes up late, the urgency to hit will prevent a full and powerful follow-through, which is needed for optimum ball control.

Racquet Ready for Backhand

With ERP, your power is maximized by the longer arc in your swing, which generates more racquet speed. When you are late getting the racquet ready, the racquet does not travel as far due to a shorter and rushed swing.

With early racquet readiness, the ball is more likely to be struck in the center of the racquet.

And getting the racquet up and ready early allows us to get our feet set beneath us in a stable and balanced hitting base.

So it is absolutely crucial that as soon as you take your first step towards the ball, you need to have your hitting arm and racquet up early to help promote a more productive swing.

With ERP, you will begin to trust that you can hit high quality shots just like the very elite players do.

Del Villanueva
Head Coach
Intercollegiate Racquetball Team
University of CA at Berkeley

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