Jan 142011

In this video, Malia Bailey provides an excellent guide to the forehand and backhand grips and stroke techniques.

In general, remember that the wind-up and turn of the hips and shoulders is the main source energy in your forehand or backhand racquetball strokes.

Also, aim for a smooth, relaxed stroke. You don’t want any tension in your upper body. Allow your stroke to accelerate after you hit the ball, and then follow-through completely until you are facing the front wall. Fluid strokes are more efficient and won’t tire you out during a match.

Jan 142011

With a correct grip, your racquet becomes an extension of your arm. A proper grip aligns your racquet parallel to the front wall at impact with the ball.

The backhand grip is different from the forehand grip as discussed in this video. This is a very important point and one of the most common reasons why many players have trouble with the backhand stroke.

Also, please do not strangle the racquet with an overly tight grip. You only need to hold the racquet with enough pressure to keep it from flying out of your hand. So relax your grip!

Jan 142011

These nice introductory videos by Malia Bailey and Shawn Royster cover the basic rules of playing racquetball.

Jan 132011

In racquetball, the player serving has a clear advantage. The server gets to hit the ball directly at his opponent’s weakest spot. The server has complete control of the speed and direction of the serve, and, has their opponent at the back wall.

All things being equal, if you serve better than your opponent, then you will win.

A theoretical game is constructed of 15 points as follows:

  • 5 pts – Winners
  • 5 pts – Opponent errors
  • 5 pts – Service winners

So if your opponent is getting more than 5 aces or service winners per game, you are in deep trouble. What this means is that you need to upgrade your serves as well. Your goal is to continually learn new serves and improve your existing ones.  Then, during your game, find the one or two serves which your opponent has the most trouble returning.

Most players tend to hit their favorite serve, over and over, regardless of it effects. From now on,  find and hit serves that will become service winners. So work on being able to hit a wide variety of serves, including off-speed servesZ serves, and high lob serves.