Feb 212011

“If you want to improve your racquetball game, it’s all about reps.” This video demonstrates a variety of shots which can be practiced alone.  Note how the player is relaxed and hitting the ball effortlessly. “For every hour you play someone, do drills like these for two hours alone.”

Jan 252011

The backhand pinch shot is slightly more difficult than the forehand pinch. Practice hitting the ball back in your stance and at knee level or below. Hit the pinch when your opponent is behind you! In the second video, Kris Odegard demonstrates how he practices a shot by slowly increasing the difficulty of each successive […]

Jan 152011

Serving is the most important part of scoring points in racquetball. So this is the area where you should practice the most. Your goal is to hit serves which are the most difficult for your opponent to return. So do not always hit your favorite serves all the time if they are not winning you […]