Jan 192011

In these videos, Shawn Royster talks about the purpose of down-the-line and cross-court passing shots. Many players error by trying to hit passing shots too hard or too low (like a kill shot). It is much more important to hit a passing shot accurately. This will force your opponent out of center court position. To gain […]

Jan 152011

Use racquetball ceiling ball shots to move your opponent out of center court. The ceiling ball forces them into one of the back corners of the court and allows you time to take the vital center court position. Ceiling shots are also one of the best returns of service. And a good ceiling ball player […]

Jan 142011

Here are a series of videos which go over the basic racquetball forehand technique. Key points in a mechanically correct swing include: Square up to front wall Shoulder width stance for balance Early racquet preparation – racquet up at ear level Drive front leg towards target Rotate hips, shoulder, and arm Contact ball with a […]