Jan 142011
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With a correct grip, your racquet becomes an extension of your arm. A proper grip aligns your racquet parallel to the front wall at impact with the ball.

The backhand grip is different from the forehand grip as discussed in this video. This is a very important point and one of the most common reasons why many players have trouble with the backhand stroke.

Also, please do not strangle the racquet with an overly tight grip. You only need to hold the racquet with enough pressure to keep it from flying out of your hand. So relax your grip!

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  2 Responses to “Racquetball Forehand and Backhand Grip”

  1. Hello,

    I enjoy watching your instructional videos. A group a friends and I
    just started playing racquetball and I am trying to get a leg up on

    I understand the 2 basic grips and when to use them. However, I do not
    understand how to actually change my grip. Do I simply use one hand
    and spin the racket by twisting it in my hand, or do I hold the racket
    in my offhand while I adjust my grip (using two hands)?



    • I think you will quickly learn to reset the grip using just the hand holding the racquet.
      Once you begin using the correct grips, it will feel awkward to swing using an incorrect grip.

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