Mar 292011

In his March 2011 monthly newsletter, Racquetball Tim discussed how to hit a harder forehand by using a compact and focused swing. According to Racquetball Tim, here’s the order in which things happen for a normal drop and hit forehand: 1.  Drop the ball AWAY from your body so that you have full arm extension […]

Mar 072011

This is another really nice video by Jo Shattuck demonstrating the proper racquetball forehand and backhand strokes, followed by a demonstration of the two-step drive serve technique. First,  notice that she shows how the swing is driven by hip rotation. Second, she is facing the front wall at the finish of her strokes. These are […]

Jan 142011

John Ellis is a very enthusiastic racquetball coach and we will be seeing many of his videos reposted here. Key points in a mechanically correct swing include: Square up to front wall Shoulder width stance for balance Early racquet preparation – racquet up at ear level Drive front leg towards target Rotate hips, shoulder, and […]

Jan 142011

In this video, Malia Bailey provides an excellent guide to the forehand and backhand grips and stroke techniques. In general, remember that the wind-up and turn of the hips and shoulders is the main source energy in your forehand or backhand racquetball strokes. Also, aim for a smooth, relaxed stroke. You don’t want any tension […]