Nov 182023

When striking the ball, if you are too close or jamming yourself, it makes it very hard to hit a straight shot down the line. This video of two-time National Intercollegiates racquetball champion, Annie Roberts, shows how she can hit powerful down the line shots keeping the proper distance from the ball.

Nov 182023

According to Annie Roberts, two-time National Intercollegiate racquetball champion, the golden rule of racquetball is down the line shots can’t hit the sidewall. Why? Any shot down you hit down the line which touches the sidewall will slow down and rebound into the court. This makes it easier for your opponent to get to the […]

Aug 172013

The wide-angle passing shot is more effective than a standard cross-court passing shot. The wide-angle pass hits the front wall slightly higher and closer to the side wall. Then ball then travels deep to the side wall, hitting the side wall 1-2 feet above the floor and 4-5 feet behind the dotted 5-ft receiving line.  […]

May 072013

John Ellis demonstrates how and when to hit the basic racquetball shots: down-the-line pass, cross court pass, wide-angle pass, pinch, splat, and reverse pinch. Hit passing shots when your opponent is in front of you. Try for pinch and splat shots when your opponent is behind you in the back court.