Mar 032011

It is crucial to learn that your shot selection should be based on your opponents court position. Your goal is to play your opponent, not the ball. This means that during your backswing, you must expand your awareness to include both the ball and your opponent. If you swing and don’t know the location your […]

Feb 272011

The following edited article by Coach Dave from California reviews four crucial keys to consider when hitting the ball. EARLY RACQUET PREPARATION (ERP) As soon as you can determine whether you will be hitting a forehand or backhand – get your racquet up and get your elbow up. First, you pivot and coil by turning […]

Feb 252011

There are two main points in this video by Jo Shattuck: You need a variety of racquetball serves. Change your serve height, speed, or angle so it does not become predictable. After hitting your serve, relocate out of the service box into center court position. Maintaining control of center court position will enable you to […]