Dec 092021
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The lob serve which requires the most precision is the high nick lob. When performed correctly, this serve cannot be cut off by the receiver and dies in the back of the court, making it one of the most difficult lob serves to return.

The server stands just to the left of center in the service box. The ball is hit from below waist high with a strong upwards motion towards your target. Your arm and shoulder movement stay connected during the swing. There should not be any wrist movement. The front wall target is approximately 5 to 6 ft from the left side wall and 4 ft from the ceiling.

If the correct target is hit, the ball will arc to the back of the left wall, and hit around 4 to 5 ft off the floor and about 7 ft from the back wall.  After hitting the side wall, it caroms towards the backwall but with not enough momentum to rebound off the back wall.


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