Jan 282011
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Speed vs Control

The equivalent to yin and yang in racquetball is speed and control. If you increase your hitting speed, you lose some control. If you want to gain more ball control, you need to give up some speed. But is that really true?

In racquetball, ball speed really, really matters. I can think back over years of playing, and cannot remember many times where I got beat by a control player. The fact is, the power player does not need to hit great shots. As long as the power player does not skip the ball, they are going to keep the control player off-balance and feeling rushed (ie, not in control!).

Power players are relentless. They hit blindingly fast drive serves or drive Z’s or jam serves on their first AND second serves. They hit hard wide-angle passing shots that you are constantly trying to chase down. They hit 5 or 6 aces per game. They get ahead in the game and never let you can catch up.

Sequential Summation of Movement

So work on your swing technique so you can increase the speed which you hit the ball. Watch this video on baseball pitching mechanics a few times and think about how to swing where the largest body masses move first  (back leg drive, then hip and shoulder turn)  followed by smaller ones (arm and wrist action).

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