Oct 292014
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Kane has the best drive serve on the pro tour.

He is also known for his elaborate pre-serve routine in the front court and service box which he performs before every drive serve.

What is the purpose of this routine? Do athletes in other sports have pre-action routines?

Well, the answer is overwhelmingly yes! I can immediately think of pro golfers who go through a pre-shot routine. And pro basketball players also do a pre-shot routine before shooting a free throw.

So what are the benefits of a pre-serve routine?

A routine keeps your mind calm, occupied and focused. It is especially important to remain focused when you are under pressure. The pre-serve routine keeps your attention on the present moment. It gives you time to relax, breathe, and then get ready to commit 100% to your next serve.

Your repeatable routine can be as simple as bouncing the ball 4 times or taking a deep breath, but it should happen every time you step into the service box.

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