Feb 162011
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You get three (3) thirty second timeouts per fifteen point game, and two (2) in an eleven point tie-breaker. Most racquetball players rarely use all of their timeouts. Why is that? There are a hundred good reasons to use all of your timeouts, but the most important one is that using your timeouts can help you win.

A 3-point rule for timeouts

If your opponent scores three points in a row, take a time out. It doesn’t matter if you are ahead or behind in scoring. If you are behind in the score, then you want to break their momentum and get the serve back. If you are ahead in the game, then you do not want them to quickly win a streak of points and catch up to you.

Do not wait for your opponent to reach 14 before taking a timeout

If your opponent reaches 14 first, you are in deep trouble. By this point in the game, you should have taken at least two of your timeouts to in order to prevent them from reaching 14.  If  you are behind in the last 5 points in the game, then slow the game down by hitting more ceiling balls.

Do not wait to be exhausted before taking a timeout

You need to be able to play with 100% energy on every point. So if you are feeling slightly tired, or distracted, or unfocused, take a timeout. If you play an extra long rally, take a timeout.

If you want to get the serve back, take a timeout

Often times,  a timeout will break the rhythm of the server. So use this tactic to your advantage and take a timeout in order to get the serve back.

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  1. Didn’t know the rules on timeout. I will use your advice next time, thanks.

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