Feb 232011
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There are many ways to add more speed to your racquetball shots. And some methods are counterintuitive. Remember, ball speed is directly tied to racquet head speed at contact.

However, you don’t want swing your racquet faster by using  just your arm strength.

Here are four ways to increase your racquet speed:

1. Relax! Tension is your enemy. Any tension in your wrist, arm, and upper body will slow down your swing.

2. Swing with tempo. You don’t swing at a constant speed. Start slow and deliberate, then accelerate your swing through the hitting zone. Your swing will be at maximum speed after hitting the ball.

3. Follow through. At the swing finish, your arm should wrap completely across your chest and you should be facing  the front wall.

4. Start the swing with the rotation of  your hips, upper body and shoulders. Your arm follows this rotation. The ball just gets in the way of your swing. The entire forehand swing is similar to throwing a ball sidearm (or throwing a submarine pitch).

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