Oct 192013
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There are many ways to increase your skills and knowledge of racquetball. To learn a new skill, you need to first understand the concepts behind the skill and then correctly practice the technique for the skill.

Learning occurs thru different and multiple mechanisms but the ones which have the greatest impact require direct participation and immediate feedback.

Lets look at the top 5 ways to learn to play racquetball:

  1. playing, playing, playing, and by doing repetitions during individual practice
  2. by example from watching live demonstrations (at clinics or private lessons)
  3. by watching live matches of high level players
  4. y watching instructional videos (also see below)
  5. by reading instructional books

There is no single magic bullet to learning to play racquetball. If you want to improve your talents, then there is no substitute for practice. Remember to always keep this formula in mind:

Talent = Practice x Motivation

However, take advantage of private or group lessons, watch live pro matches whenever possible, and attend clinics by local pros. If these events are not available, then watch pro IRT matches on YouTube.

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